Twitter Hashtag Chuckles

Humor is really the best medicine, and the Italians, after threats from ISIS that they’re coming for them, have shown humor in all its snarky best with the hashtag #We_Are_Coming_O_Rome. Advice about traffic, strikes, food, fashion, bathing, toilets:

Apparently there were some issue’s with Dutch hooligans, so they were asking ISIS to hold off for the moment:

The Germans got into the fun and advised they wait til the German Chancellor left:

And the Finns:

There was advice to check Trip Advisor, pick up ski wear, wait til June when the weather’s nicer, and one with obvious love problems:

One who wanted to clarify whether they were meaning Rome, Italy or NY –cause the latter is really cold, they better get some winter wear, and don’t bother with the elephants- Rome is wise to that trick:

It was heartening, encouraging and funny. Restores the faith in the endurance of humanity.

Major U.S. magazine breaks with Obama admin by calling ISIS Islamic and apocalyptic

In the Spiritual Apocalyptic sense, they’re probably right. Their interpretation though, is that they are the winners in that game. They aren’t pushing for a lion & lamb lying down together scenario – their philosophy is destroying the lamb so the one true god and his prophet dominate.

Consortium of Defense Analysts

In his bestseller book, People of the Lie, the late psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, M.D., wrote that just as physicians must first properly diagnose and name a disease in order to cure it, we must first name a problem in order to combat it.

NY-Post-Frontpage-Obama-Islam-2-19-2015Although ISIS/ISIL calls itself the Islamic State, President Barack Obama refuses to identify the group that now controls a third of Syria as either Islamic or a state. Instead, in his speech of Sept. 10, 2014 and since, he calls the Muslim jihadists — who have been slaughtering Christians in Iraq, Syria, and most recently beheading 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya — generic “terrorists.”

Incredibly, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf recently proclaimed that America can’t win against the Islamic State “by killing them” and ought instead to focus on addressing the root problem of their poor economy by helping the murderous jihadists get jobs.

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43% Of Dems Believe Obama Should Be Able To “Dictate” What Laws He’ll Enforce

But… should it be other than a Democrat president using the same logic, they would be decrying the usurping of power and crying foul. Children.


Rasmussen: Plurality Of Democrats Think Obama Should Be Able To Ignore Court Rulings If It’s “Important”

” A small reminder that Obama couldn’t get away with his authoritarian plays on immigration and health care if his party wasn’t backing him up. Turns out, in fact, that they’re willing to go even further than he is. Obama tends to limit himself to summarily rewriting federal statutes, like immigration laws and ObamaCare’s employer mandate. Democrats wonder: Why not rewrite some federal court rulings too?

  Something to bear in mind as we wait for SCOTUS’s decision on ObamaCare subsidies in the Halbig case and the Fifth Circuit’s decision on that injunction blocking O’s executive amnesty. He’s already entered the YOPO phase of his presidency. Why not make his base happy by ignoring any adverse rulings and instigating a full-blown constitutional crisis?

  The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds…

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It’s what Obama didn’t say

neo-neocon » Blog Archive » It’s what Obama didn’t say.

via neo-neocon » Blog Archive » It’s what Obama didn’t say.

“It is entirely legitimate for the American people to be deeply concerned when you’ve got a bunch of violent, vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.

In the conflagration that has ensued, instead of merely saying “of course the president knows they were targeted because they were Jews,” spokespeople Josh Earnest and Jen Psaki first spent some agonizing minutes (there are videos) trying to claim the grocery shooting really was “random,” and then ultimately tweeting that of course the shooting was anti-Semitic and that the administration has always said that. “

I wonder if they ever feel exhausted trying to cover for this administration, or if they truly believe what they say. If the stress comes from not having clear talking points from Obama.

If the former, is the job and prestige worth the assault on their values and integrity? To me, it wouldn’t be.


Let’s Shoot Ourselves for the Sake of Ideolgical Purity

Tea Party, Please Look Up Compromise in the Dictionary

I do enjoy Snark, she never minces words and always makes a point even if I disagree with specifics, or even the point. But here I agree with her point.

While I agree with and share aspects of Libertarian, Republican and Tea Party  views, there’s a critical big picture involved. It’s mind numbingly stupid to be undercutting each other when we should be standing on common ground and focusing on the true enemy.

By backbiting and backstabbing each other, aren’t we essentially playing into the divide & conquor tactics of the Left? What will it take for us to learn? The complete loss of this country? Because let me tell you– that’s exactly where we’re heading. This is shortsighted & insane. The Democrats & Progressives must be feeling an enormous amount of, what’s the word? Schadenfreude?

Simple math: You have 2 candidates with a 50%/50% = 100%.  One side splits their vote in two. Each of the two gets 50% of 50, or 25% of 100. Who wins?  Or one get 40%, the other 10% of 50%. Who wins? The side that stood behind one, and took 50% wins.

Yeah—I’m worried. Sorry.

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Tea Party, Please Look Up Compromise in the Dictionary

While I agree in things with Libertarians & the Tea Party, there is a bigger picture involved.

The Snark Who Hunts Back

Me: *voices dissenting or unpopular view of a Tea Party view*
TP member: That’s stupid.
Me: Okay….why is that?
TP member: What are you a liberal plant or something?

That is a summary of a conversation I had last night, just in case anyone wonders why I’m starting to get tetchy about the Tea Party these days. If these next two elections cycles end in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory thanks to “ideologicaly purity” zealots (libertarian or Tea Party, tbh) I may actually give up politics, switch back to writing fantasy novels and awkwardly wooing pretty girls. We need a few wins under our belt before we have leeway for irrational debates on who is more ideologically pure. Grow the fuck up and realize that the long game, the game where we actually win and make a difference (because I don’t care who you are, you can’t tell…

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Now it’s dog rape. When Obama became president, did a door to Hell open?

Fellowship of the Minds

We are a fallen creation. For as long as humans first walked this Earth, we’ve had evil. The difference is that nowadays, evil no longer hides in the shadows but has become in-your-face emboldened.

When Barack Hussein Obama was elected and inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States of America, something in the spirit world stirred. A portal to the yawning abyss was opened, from which an unending army of demonic powers and principalities is unleashed.

frighteningThis pic of Obama and the two to follow are not photoshopped. They were taken at a rally in Boston for Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick on October 16, 2010, when the polling data on Obama and the Democrats were not good. The pix were so extraordinary and alarming, showing Pres. Lucifer in a frightening rage, that both Drudge Report and Rush Limbaugh took note. No wonder the White House is now censoring media…

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